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Quito, Northern Ecuador and the beauty of Quilotoa Lake

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Community-based tourism in Ecuador

The beautiful Quilotoa Lake

This is a chance to combine the most impressive views of Ecuador with adventure, cultural immersion and responsible attitude in a destination. Come visit #Quito, the communities of north Ecuador and the Quilotoa Lake - one of the most gorgeous places you will see in your life.

We are very proud of this program - it is clearly one of the most responsible in a destination that can get harmed by the beaten path of the traditional ways of visiting a country.

Responsibility is possible thanks to a base of community organisations that, with their very diverse realities, provides us with invaluable empirical knowledge; a network of fraternal partners, institutions and bodies with common objectives and principles. A multidisciplinary team of professionals, collaborators and volunteers who, each with their skills, knowledge, hobbies and abilities, contributes to the achievement of the goals and objectives of each project and / or entrepreneurship. 

Why Inverted?

Our local supplier is an organisation founded in 2005 in Cuenca, Ecuador. It is integrated by other community organisations and solidarity economy projects related to tourism, in the provinces of Cañar, Azuay and Loja in southern Ecuador.

Their work is based in 3 main objectives:

Fair trade:

Applying the principles of responsible consumption not as a strategy of differentiation but as a mechanism to overcome the structural problems of our society.

Solidarity economy:

Associativity, cooperation and self-management are the pillars for transforming the way we relate to one another. Economy is a means for personal and community development.

Community-based tourism:

The organisation watches for a sustainable tourism exercise where the communities and their inhabitants access the benefits of the activity and can improve their quality of life.

Top 3 Highlights

Kayaking inside a dead volcano

You see the picture of a wonderful lake above? Imagine the views from the middle of it? Well, you will sail it in a kayak. No questions this is AMAZING.

Sustainable use of natural resources

The domain over the natural resources in this region, with sustainable use, is a lesson to learn. Interact with local people and take what you have learned home ;-) 


Ah, Quito! The city has a long, latent past, which can still be lived in many of its streets. History has its roots in the tribe of the Quitus, who lived in the territory before the arrival of the Incas and the Spanish conquistadors (and that clarifies the origin of the name of the city).

Visit Ecuador with Inverted America

Let us organise your holidays in Ecuador. Inverted America is your specialist in Responsible Tourism for South America - travel and leave positive social impacts at your host communities! 

Download our suggested itinerary here and get in touch - either leave a message or e-mail us at travel@invertedamerica.com . We will adapt the trip to your available time, interest and budget :-) 


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