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Chocó, Colombia

Where the Andes Mountains descend into the Pacific Ocean

Hidden between the Darien Gap on the border with Panama and the provinces of Antioquia and Valle de Cauca, Chocó in #Colombia is one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world. Its pristine jungle rivers and tropical #rainforests are home to highly diverse flora and fauna. Experts label #Chocó a biodiversity hotspot; a region in which a large number of #endemic plants and animals are found.

Every year in July, humpback #whales travel thousands of miles from the cold waters of the South Pole to the warm equatorial waters of the Pacific Ocean to give birth. From July to November, travellers have the opportunity to observe whales, which can reach up to 15 meters long, near to the coast.

Chocó, Colombia remains a still undiscovered paradise for ornithologists and about 650 bird species live on the Colombian Pacific coast. Researchers suspect that many still undiscovered animals and plants exist, especially in the Utría National Park, which is home to numerous endemic species, including the Great Green Macaw and the Choco Toucan. Howler monkeys, which is an endangered species, appear especially in the early morning when their loud cries welcome the new day.

Chocó is unique in Colombia for its ethnic and cultural diversity. The coastal region of Chocó is inhabited predominantly by Afro-Colombian, while the interior of the region is home to indigenous ethnic groups, including the Emberá.

Why Inverted?

The Chocó Community Tourism Alliance (Alianza de Turismo Comunitario del Chocó) was formed in December 2013 by and for the benefit of four community-based tourism enterprises in the area around Nuquí, in the Colombian department of Chocó, a remote area in the #Pacific Coast.

The Chocó Community Tourism Alliance adheres to the strictest principles of sustainable tourism. Booking a Chocó tour will generate income for the people of these communities and contribute towards their development and the conservation of their natural environment. 

Top 3 Highlights

The perfect place for relaxation

This is a relaxing place where you should let time pass by, enjoy the views and all that the combination of sea + mountains can bring you. Do not miss the sunsets.

Go rowing in wooden canoes

Boarding on wooden canoes and in minutes moving from the paradisiac beaches to waterfalls will make you remember of Chocó forever.

Fauna and Flora

You will be amazed with the fauna and flora Chocó can offer to its visitors. Exlore, take pictures and interact with locals. This is paradise on Earth!

Visit Chocó in Colombia with Inverted America

Let us organise your holidays in Colombia.

Inverted America is your specialist in Responsible Tourism for South America - travel and leave positive social impacts at your host communities! 

Download our suggested itinerary here and get in touch - either leave a message or e-mail us at travel@invertedamerica.com . We will adapt the trip to your available time, interest and budget :-) 


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