Hey! I am happy you are here :-) 

I have dedicated my career to make tourism be a win-win-win activity - what I do is make the entrepreneur, the host destination and the traveller have the best experiences. Responsible tourism makes commercial sense, and I am available to show you how.

I hold a MSc degree in Responsible Tourism at Manchester Metropolitan University /UK and am graduated in Tourism Management at Minas Gerais Federal University - UFMG.

My previous experience goes from running a 20-bed ecolodge research experience in the Amazon jungle to developing internal processes for the 20,000-bed Resident Centres at the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Village. 

Before moving from those 2 extremes, I worked as a junior project manager and consultant for tourism industry planning for the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism and the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service - SEBRAE.

Currently I promote responsible tourism with Inverted America. This is a travel agency willing to change the way to visit South America, making the responsible factor an easier target to reach for the traveller. 

Inverted America is also a consultancy agency for tourism stakeholders who are interested in making their activity bring positive impacts to destinations. 

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