Inverted America believes that tourism can change the reality of your holiday destination.​ So we made a selection of responsible experiences and accommodation.

Every journey we suggest here involves a local effort to maximise positive impacts of your visit and avoids the well-known negative impacts tourism may bring to a destination. 


When you travel with us you actively contribute to the sustainable development of tourist destinations.​What do you need to do to make it happen?


Just travel and leave all work with us <3

At Inverted America, your journey makes South America a better place to live and visit - in that order.


Gustavo Pinto

MSc., Responsible Tourism

Hey there :-) I am Gustavo Pinto and all you see here is the result of more than a decade dedicated to making tourism a strategy for development at the destinations you visit. 

The blog entries unite the best South America has in terms of genuine experience. 

I'm glad to assist some of those initiatives as a consultant - if you belong to one contact me and let's make your company bring benefits to your community. 



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